Aramistique provides for you: 2 bedrooms (1 queen bed each), all food, certified “canine good citizen” companion dogs, yoga, pilates, Qi Gong, hiking, biking, fishing, meditation, drawing, writing, journaling, music, life coaching, Russian language and cooking, koi ponds, trout lake, books-books- and more books. Much more. If you seek it, we help you find it.

Additional Services Available

For hire with advance notice, pending provider availablity: massage, reiki, spiritual consulting, acupuncture, horseback riding… ask and we will try to make it available for you.

When you register we send you a questionnaire which provides us the information needed to assure we individualize your stay and make it special for you. A daily group meeting at the sit-down dinner addresses any concerns and a final “see you again” meeting assures you leave with what you need to keep balance in your life upon returning home. Saturday evening Slava provides a relaxing, enlightening concert. All meals and snacks are healthy and available for you, with a non-formal sit down dinner. Bring only your body, mind, and clothing.

We are not maids nor servants. You are an adult responsible for yourself. We simply guide you to help you relax, reconnect, deprogram, or rebalance your life.  The services we provide help in overall health – mind, body, and soul.  Namaste.

Please note: We share our peaceful, loving home with you so please abide by these few rules as our guests; NO SMOKING nor any tobacco products allowed nor any illicit nor abusive or unhealthy substance. No shoes indoors (we provide slippers), no abuse of any person, animal, nor thing. The dogs are very well trained and they know what they can and cannot do. Do Not tease them. Aramistique does not possess a liquor license. We help you gain insight to peace, balance and tranquility. Be compassionate with the landscape, animals, and wildlife we share for you. Many advance thanks for that.

And please– adults only; and no pets-(due to the wildlife present and the many animals already here).

Check In / Check Out

Check in Friday 2PM dazed and confused. Check out Sunday 12 Noon relaxed and in control. (Other hours available by special request)

Contact Info

Call 509-829-5006 or e-mail to reserve your time now.
We are located at: 251 Bailey Rd in Zillah WA, 98953 USA
(I am learning how to get scheduling on here, but for now, please call or e-mail.)

Thank you.

Make a Reservation

Click on the type of retreat, then the corresponding price- (weekend solo=385, group=288pp; daily solo=72, group=68 pp and down payment=75) Note, “group” is more than two- 2 per bedroom- queen bed. A $75pp non refundable down payment required, the remainder can be paid on the Friday of your arrival if you choose that method. This is because I begin planning your individual workshops and menu immediately upon your reservation so your stay is ready and well thought out just for you. Or click the second BUY NOW button and add whatever price you need for now.

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