image of Dr. Margaret McMillanDr. Margaret McMillan is a master clinician in general dentistry, certified fitness trainer, practicing Yogini (Krishnamarcharya), yoga/Pilates and certiied instructor, Level I QiGong (Zhuan Yong) instructor, Reiki Master, life coach, writer, and a health and wellness consultant. Click here to view her Dental Practice and Book website.

Slava is a world renowned composer, singer/songwriter, and musician from southeast Siberia (now a US citizen), owner of Golden Amur Productions, cook, and practicing yogi (Sivananda), Level I QiGong (Zhuan Yong) instructor.

image of Slava, owner of Aramistique RetreatDeciding to share the combined knowledge we have obtained so others may enjoy the peaceful life as we have cultivated, we offer you Aramistique Retreat.

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